Judges’ Choice Volunteer Award: Cathy Haralson

She won the Judges’ Choice Volunteer Award at the Celebrate Clay Breakfast for all her hard work connecting the dots between surplus food and hungry people last year. The fame must have gone to her head: She then had the nerve to take a vacation. Some people, I tell ya’! (Just kidding, Cathy. The award … Read more

We are Still Open but we NEED more Volunteer Help

Waste Not

More than 20 of our volunteers who help weekly are currently staying at home to protect themselves or a family member in the high-risk category. That leaves us with many shifts to fill.  If you are a volunteer who is not on our weekly schedule and you are willing to help, please contact Linda.  If you … Read more

4,200 Meals a Day!

Waste Not volunteers rescued and delivered 1,936,063 pounds of food last year to people struggling to feed themselves and their families.  That’s 4,200 meals a day, 362 days last year!  Our volunteers donated more than 500 hours a week to multiply every donor’s gift, providing 10 meals to those in need for each dollar donated. Donors and volunteers: together you filled … Read more

We are in the NEWS!

Check out the St. Augustine Catholic Article July/August issue. Mailed to 53,000 households in 16 counties. Estimated readership 148,000. St. Augustine Catholic Article

No volunteers = No Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not volunteers rescue food for those in need 362 days a year.  They work hard to put food in the hands of those in need.   For a taste of what volunteers do, read these excerpts from our nomination of JAE as the Celebrate Clay 2011 Outstanding Community Volunteer of the Year:  Waste Not Want … Read more

Today’s Special: Volunteer

In the last 24 hours, Ed and Joan Poole have each donated 7 hours to Waste Not Want Not, almost half of their waking hours!   Every Monday morning, they volunteer in our building sorting food for our recipients.  Every Tuesday (at 6 am!) they head to Bimbo Bakery to consolidate and load several thousand packages of donated … Read more