Waste Note Want Not Overview

Answers to most asked questions about Waste Not Want Not

Learn how Waste Not Want Not volunteers put good food to good use. Food rescue links surplus food to those in need, reducing hunger and poverty by reducing waste.

Though Waste Not Florida is not “open” on Sundays, our volunteers rescue and distribute food every Sunday to several groups including The Children’s Table based in Bronson (Southwest of Gainesville).

Thank you Ryan with Tyson for putting good food to food use.  Waste Not Florida rescued 800 pounds of bacon, ham & veggies frittatas off of his truck yesterday. There was nothing wrong with the food, but the store had ordered corndogs not frittatas. Because Ryan made the effort to find us and took the time to bring his truck to us, and Waste Not Florida volunteers showed up for this “serendipitous opportunity”, these 1,800 protein-rich meals will end up in bellies not landfills.