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In America, stores and restaurants throw away LOTS of perfectly good food: one-quarter of all food produced in the US.

In America, LOTS of children, adults, and seniors do not always have enough to eat: 1 in 6 of all Americans.

In North Florida, Waste Not Want Not prevents the discarding of food that can be used to fight hunger here at home. Our volunteers rescue surplus food within a 15-mile radius of Orange Park and provide it to charities serving the less-fortunate in 14 counties.

Last year, Waste Not Want Not volunteers rescued food 364 days (thank you Hurricane Ian) and distributed approximately 2 million pounds of food to people struggling to make ends meet.

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How much food has Waste Not Want Not shared?

Pounds of food rescued and shared in June
Total pounds of food rescued and shared this year (thru June 30)

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Judges’ Choice Volunteer Award: Cathy Haralson

She won the Judges’ Choice Volunteer Award at the Celebrate Clay Breakfast for all her hard work connecting the dots between surplus food and hungry people last year. The fame must have gone to her head: She then had the nerve to take a vacation. Some people,

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